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Bio Gas Plant

Bio Gas Plant
Bio Gas Plant
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Bio Gas Plant is produced from different waste and substrates which can be used by small farmer and can fulfill the thermal requirements of market. Its overall process involves defined carbon & electron flow pathways for the metabolism of different complex organic substrates into simple carbon products.  Its overall process involved is carried out in just three steps viz; Hydrolysis, Acetogenesis, Acidogenesis & finally Methanogenesis. Apart from that, our company excel in offering Bio Gas Plant for thermal, electrical & automotive purposes.

The decay of organic matter, in the absence of air (oxygen) makes an inflammable gas which comprises of mainly of methane (CH4) & carbon dioxide (CO2).

Microbiology: The procedure of anaerobic digestion of organic matter affects the microbially mediated conversion of complex organic matter into methane and CO2 as final carbon mineralized products.


A)Thermal applications

Biogas is formed from different variety of waste, therefore used by different farmer and can meet thermal needs of industries. What happen is, industries producing organic waste can easily generate high quantum and fulfill their energy requirements by burning gas in boiler through other means.

B) Electricity application

The electricity can be generated with the help of biogas or other boiler turbine configuration. It is available in different range from kW's to several MW's.

C) Bio-CNG (Automotive purpose)

When it comes to use in automotive applications, cleaned and upgraded biogas is perfect for various automotive applications. It is widely viable to use H2S free biogas upgraded to more than 95 percent methane content for vehicular use. Its cost is generally low to the conventional fuels like petrol, diesel, CNG, etc.

Different feedstock for biogas generation

A) Animal waste

In agriculture biogas is produced from different variety of waste. Therefore it can be used by different small farmer and can meet thermal requirements of market. Mainly, industries waste can generate biogas of high quantum & with that can meet their energy needs either by burning the gas in boilers or through other means .

B) Agriculture waste

Different variety of crop residues in the farm, terrestrial as well as in aquatic species are studied for their potential for biogas generation. Crop residues such as paddy, wheat, barely, banana, mango, etc. have got promising potential for biogas generation. The features of the plant wastes and cattle are different; thus, anaerobic digestion of plant wastes requires more additional for maintaining environmental and operational parameters. This parameters is C/N ratio, pre-processing (chopping/cutting/mixing with other feed) etc.

C) Water hyacinth

Biogas produced from  water hyacinth contains 70% methane and flating is taken out from  water, chopped and then used for biogas production.

D) Industrial effluents

Now, Industrial effluents casuing serious problem of pollution and its safe disposal. These types of waste efficiently digested biogas production. Our offered waste be in the form of paper and pulp mill waste, willow dust, fruit & sewage & MSW, vegetable processing wastes, distillery & sugar effluents, textile mill waste, etc.

E) Willow dust
Bales of cotton produced makes available cellulosic waste comprising of drippings, gutter, fly sweepings etc. The waste associated with production of yarn is called willow dust. The willow is rich in cellulose, hemicelluloses and lignin.

F) Paper & pulp waste

Paper & pulp waste generate large amount of cellulosic effluents at the time of waste water treatment, which has characteristics for generation of biogas. It is estimated that about 35-40 percent of material is treated as waste at the time of paper manufacturing process. This effluent contains high cellulose with several inorganic compounds. Therefore, Paper & pulp waste proposed for the biogas production.

G) Garbage waste
The Garbage waste is an organic waste which includes vegetable & food wastes.  It can be used as a material for biogas production. Mainly this waste requires grinding to small size before adding to the digesters.

H) Sewage

The sewage is a perfect source of biogas, is taken as a liability with regard to its disposal and in different cases; it provides an odour causing considerably adverse effect on human health.

I) Municipal solid waste

Municipal solid waste generation from municipal wastes, gives a waste treatment cum disposal route which is boon to waste management.

J) Distillery waste

In order to protect environment, the Distillery waste need to process first before discharge. It contains high  high biochemical oxygen demand content.

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